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  Customers are to ensure that they comply with the local Gambling Laws from where the bets are placed.

2.        Senior Master Agents, Master Agents and Agents are directly responsible to AFB88 and vice versa for account settlements, conduct and wrongdoing or their respective levels and dispute arising from bet placing etc.

3.        Any argument or dispute would have to be notified and settled before the kick off time for non-live match or match end for live betting.

4.        Under the following circumstances the bets placed are considered Void and the Parlay counted as one (1):

                                      i.              Any mistake or wrong information caused by human or technical error.

                                    ii.              The match is cancelled or postponed for more than 12 hours.

                                  iii.              The match is suspended or aborted before the end of 90 minutes plus added time for fulltime bets OR 45 minutes plus added time for 1st half bets and does not resume on the same day at the same venue; unless the organizing body decides for the match to continue for the remaining time left in any venue.

                                  iv.              Change of team name from Home to Away or vice versa, neutral ground excluded.

                                    v.              Any concerted act to fraud or hacking into our website, in such case, we reserve our right to further pursuit the matter with any action we deem appropriate.

                                  vi.              Default in payment due and making new bets.

                                vii.              The bet was placed after kick-off time for non-live matches.

                              viii.              Any other circumstances that may be announced in our website to Void the bets.

5.        Under the following circumstances the bets would not be accepted or would be rejected even they have been wrongly accepted:

a.) Penalty Kick     b.) Corner Kick     c.) Free Kick     d.) Red Card issued     e.) Throwing in or attacking near the opposing team's Penalty box.

6.        Correct Score (UP5), your chosen team (home or away) must won by a goal difference of 5 or more. For example:5:0,6:0,6:1,7:1…

7.        Mix Parlay Calculations:  Loses half (x0.5), Wins half (odds-1,/2,+1),Draw or match postponed, cancel, counted as one (1)!!  Payout shall take off bet amounts.

8.        In case of Live betting, the satellite transmission in certain locations may be delayed. The transmission of bets and acceptances may also be intermittently delayed, for such incidents the bets placed and shown in Stake Placed and/or Statement will be treated as valid and correct.

9.        All bets that were settled will be final 72 hours from the start of the match(s).AFB88 will not recognize any changes afterward

10.    Inconsistent results / scores
Where there is a conflict between the official results and the results posted onAFB88’s website, the conflict shall be resolved by reference to the video recording of that match to determine the correct result. If no such video recording is of that match to determine the correct result. If no such video recording is 


11.    The payout limits for Parlay, Correct Score and Total Goals are set to limit our exposure and prevent over betting of customers. Any attempt to place more than one bet on the same selection (even with different odds) are not acceptable and we reserve our right to Void them.

12.    To protect your interest, AFB88 provides a back-up data base, where data will be recorded and saved every minute to prevent the loss of data caused by any technical failure. The data will also be used to check and verify against any unauthorized amended bet and hacking. The record will be considered as accurate and as an evidence of any wrongdoing.

13.    Member is only allowed one Account per player and we perform random security checks to maintain system integrity and fairness. If we find any member participating in collusion or deceptive practices, AFB88 company reserves the right to close a client's account at any time, without stating the reasons. In this event, the balance left on his account will be returned to the client.

14.    AFB88 does not accept any responsibility for failure in any equipment or telecommunication that prevents the placing of correct bets.

15.    If the member has any question to tournament team name or league, please examine that English team name by takes the standard.

16.    “Neutral Ground” considered as added information but AFB88 does not accept any liability whatsoever if any neutral venues are not correct or not listed as such. At all times it is the customer's responsibility to be aware about the match venue

17.    All soccer match bets will be settled on the result of full 2x45 minutes of play including the added injury or stoppage time, unless otherwise stated. This does not include the extra-time, golden goals and penalty shoot-outs, or a match result which was altered by the official referee/committee after the match.Occasionally some Tournaments or Friendly matches are scheduled to be played for 2x40 minutes, so all bets will be settled at the end of the scheduled time. There are some youth or friendly matches that will be played for 2 x 35 minutes or less, AFB88 will announce this kind of matches before the start of the game, otherwise all soccer match bets taken on these matches will be considered VOID.

18.    The timer and red card notice for the live matches are for reference only, we will not take responsibility for any inaccuracy occurred.

19.    Penalty Handicap result includes sudden death.

20.    Penalty Over/Under result does not include sudden death.

21.    First Yellow Card

                                      i.              Predict the team to receive the first yellow card in a designated match.

                                    ii.              If the first booking is a straight red card (professional foul), it will be regarded as red card but not a yellow card.

                                  iii.              In the event two or more players receive a booking for the same incident, then the player who is shown the first yellow card by the referee will be deemed as the "winner" for settlement purpose.

                                  iv.              The yellow cards shown to non-players (e.g. substitute/reserve, manager or coach) do not count.

                                    v.              If the match is abandoned after the first yellow card is received, all bets on First Yellow Card will stand.

                                  vi.              All rules other than the above-mentioned will follow Soccer Betting rules.


22.    Total Yellow Cards

                                      i.              The company will settle bets according to official results made available from the soccer authority responsible for organizing the match.

                                    ii.              Cards shown to non-players (e.g. managers or substitutes who play no subsequent part in the game) do not count towards the total.

                                  iii.              Total Yellow Cards is similar to Handicap and Over/Under Wager. Win/loss is determined by the number of yellow cards accumulate by both teams, compared with the handicap given beforethe game starts.

                                  iv.              In a situation where a second yellow is given to the same player, the company will take the count as 3 yellow cards.

                                    v.              Yellow card constitute 1 point, red card constitute 2 points. The points for a 2nd yellow card received by the same player will be counted as, 1 point for point for yellow card and 2 points for red card, total 3 points.

                                  vi.              If a match is abandoned anytime within the official 90-minute play,all wagers on Total Yellow Cards will be void.


23.    First Corner

                                      i.              Predict the team to receive the first corner in a designated match.

                                    ii.              If the match is abandoned after